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Our Services

Rest assured that our team are on hand to assist if failure occurs with your equipment. Potential problems, and minor issues are dealt with on the spot.

If you need any assistance with your digital equipment, including setup, technical help or faults. Our team is only a phone call away.

We organise our service around you, making the whole process quick and easy.

Our team is available for help, concerning any technical requirements or faults, our
staff are able to guide you through any issues, repair requests and among
services. Any aspects of your service or requests can be arranged by calling us.

Reasons why BTG Home Solutions is the company for you.

A.       BTG Home Solutions provides rapid over the phone assistance for customers experiencing issues with their satellite equipment.

B.      We offer periodic maintenance of equipment every 6 months by telephone.

C       If repairs or replacements are required to be carried out on site, we will provide details of another engineering company to attend and carry out the necessary work, and customers will pay no additional costs for this to BTG Home Solutions.

We start by offering to provide a remote servicing and forced  software update to insure the system has the most up to date software and explain the new features and functionality  to the customer. Improving system speed, efficiency, picture quality,also sound quality and optimising any after sale speaker systems including surround  sound can all be achived.

We follow this by offering a fully focused system signal check to insure the system is receiving the best signal possible for its geo location. This includes a customer visual check of the area concerning the dish so we can assess the dishes range and suggest any improvements optimising effect-ability.

We also offer to assist in a full  system maintenance check, across all aspects of there system to analyse its functioning capability and diagnose any problems if found, which is logged and updated on each contact with the customer to help with diagnosis in the future.

Even if the customer does not require any assistance within 6 months of a Maintenance repair call by ourselves or any third person physical hardware repair we can offer to arrange a full system check where all the above system checks are offered.

In the event of a breakdown one of our over the phone home entertainment system team  will run a remote servicing program to analyse and pinpoint the problem.
The majority of cases it is possible for our to assist in fixing any software problem by advising the customer over the phone aiding the customer to manually reset or replace software that has become faulty using just there remote control used usually for changing channels provided with the system. Our team are on hand for the entirity of this one year service.


Standard Satellite Television
Boxes £69.99

Satellite Television
Boxes HD £120

Multiple  Satellite Television
Boxes £179

All payment plans can be paid via split payments starting from £35
All Costs Covered

Call to day to discus your requirements.

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