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Installing Electrical Outlet

Home Electrics

Rest assured that our team are on hand to assist if failure occurs with your equipment. Potential problems, and minor issues are dealt with on the spot.

If you need any assistance with your systems, including setup, technical help or faults. Our team is only a phone call away.

We organise our service around you, making the whole process quick and easy.

Our team is available for help, concerning any technical requirements or faults, our
staff are able to guide you through any issues, repair requests and among
services. Any aspects of your service or requests can be arranged by calling us.

Reasons why BTG Home Solutions is the company for you.

A.       BTG Home Solutions provides rapid over the phone assistance for customers experiencing issues with their satellite equipment.

B.      We offer periodic maintenance of equipment every 6 months by telephone.

C       If repairs or replacements are required to be carried out on site, we will provide details of another engineering company to attend and carry out the necessary work, and customers will pay no additional costs for this to BTG Home Solutions.

We start by offering to provide a remote servicing and information gathering to insure the system are fully functional. Improving system speed, efficiency, picture quality,also sound quality and optimising efficiency.

We follow this by offering a fully focused tests to ensure systems are working as efficient as possible. This includes a customer visual check so we can suggest any improvements optimising effect-ability.

We also offer to assist in a full  system maintenance check, across all aspects of there system to analyse its functioning capability and diagnose any problems if found, which is logged and updated on each contact with the customer to help with diagnosis in the future.

Even if the customer does not require any assistance within 6 months of a Maintenance repair call by ourselves or any third person physical hardware repair we can offer to arrange a full system check where all the above system checks are offered.

In the event of a breakdown one of our over the phone system team  will run a remote servicing program to analyse and pinpoint the problem.
The majority of cases it is possible for our to assist in fixing issues by advising the customer over the phone aiding the customer to manually reset or replace software that has become faulty using just there remote control used usually for changing channels provided with the system. Our team are on hand for the entirity of this one year service.

Call to day to discus your requirements.



Do not let electrical breakdowns leave You in the dark, take out Electrical Emergency & Breakdown Cover NOW!




We, our Company or designated agents, will provide peace of mind for all your electrical items should there be any issues as a result of an electrical emergency or breakdown due to faulty electrical wiring sockets, switches or fuse boxes. 





You will be paying for a broad range of services which will ensure that You as the Client are covered for the following items: 

 Failed wiring, a breakdown of your fuse box, broken power sockets or switches. 

Our operatives and engineers

  1. All our operatives and engineers who will carry out any repairs or investigate any fault are fully trained and experienced.

  2. Where necessary, they will follow all Covid19 guidelines and ensure the safety of your yourself and your household.

  3. If there are any specific health and safety issues (inaccessible steps etc. dogs.)  You as the Client must let us know beforehand or We, our agents or engineers may not be able to complete or start their work.

You as the Client are also covered for failed wiring connected to your property for a broad range of electrical items and specifically that for:

  1. Air conditioning unit/s

  2. Failed or broken electrical switch/es

  3. Doorbells and electrical gates/garage doors

  4. Failed light bulb sockets

  5. Permanent damage to the domestic electrical wiring caused by a power cut. 

  6. Failed wiring to an immersion heater and a breakdown of the immersion heater unit itself

  7. Breakdown of fuse box/es

  8. Burglar alarms and smoke detectors

Obligations of Client

There are a number of obligations on You as the Client. You, as the Client, must:

  1. Arrange any work required to make your system accessible and compliant with all relevant safety standards and safe to work on.

  2. Where You as the Client have requested services from us, You as the Client must also notify us if such work is required, let us know when it has been completed and provide us with the relevant certification (if applicable).

  3. It is important for You to know that We, our Company or designated agents, will not provide our services until You as the Client have fulfilled these obligations.

  4. If You as the Client do not comply with the conditions and the eligibility requirements above or do not fulfil your obligations above, We, our Company or designated agents, will end your plan.

It is important for You as the Client to understand what is not covered and your contract, together with the general terms and conditions. This includes:

  • Power cut to the property that has not caused permanent damage;

  • Any part of the electrical wiring where completing a repair would result in a breach of health and safety or of the current electrical wiring regulations and electrical safety standard BS7671:2008 - Requirements for Electrical Installations (incorporating amendment 3:2015).

  • Replacing fuses alone or those in plugs,

  • Adjusting timer/temperature control of heaters or Economy 7 timer switches,

  • Routine electrical maintenance tasks including: Replacing light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and decorative light fittings,

  • The resetting of circuit breakers, which can be reset by You as the Client;

  • Portable or fixed electrical heating systems or energy efficiency management systems;

  • Fully rewiring your property;

  • Shower units;

  • Wiring of any kind that does not form part of the permanent 240-volt electrical supply system e.g. central heating control wires, satellite dishes, radio/television aerials and their fittings/masts and telephones and their associated wiring;

  • Any appliances and wiring forming part of the appliance e.g. Washing machines, kettles, or any wiring/electrics beyond a cooker isolation switch;

  • Wiring/electrics of any kind outside of the property which are buried below ground level;

  • Repairing or replacing wiring encased in rubber or lead;

  • A maximum of 3 engineer callouts per. Max payout per callout is £200.

The main exclusions are very specific and not necessarily limited to the following: 

  • Failed wiring to a shower unit

  • Electrical emergency and breakdown of the domestic electrical wiring, including permanent damage caused by a power cut is covered, and claims could include those for: 

  • as a result of any incident within your household

  • Household appliances and Failure as a result of faulty wiring or of an accident

  • Failed security lighting and garden lighting

  • Failure of the electrical wiring as a result of a DIY accident by yourself or any other person or incident

Exclusion under this contract

Repairs or replacement of system, equipment or product will not be provided, and We reserve the right to charge You as the Client for any costs arising from a call out, in any of the following events:

  1. Any part of the equipment that is not wholly owned by You as the Client, such as a communal systems or distribution systems.

  2. Any system, equipment or product which is not working in accordance with the faults occurring within your system before the service agreement date.

  3. Any unauthorized modification of the system, equipment or product including (without limitation) any upgrade not authorized by your services provider/manufacture provider or addition of any accessories not approved by your services provider/manufacture provider, the supplier or manufacturer of your equipment.

  4. Cosmetic damage such as damage to paintwork or dents or scratches to the home.

  5. Damage to the system, equipment or product through floods, lightning, storms, frost or other severe weather conditions.

  6. Loss of the system, malicious damage, or damage caused by neglect, fire, explosion, dampness, liquid spillage or foreign bodies inside the equipment.

  7. Noncompliance to Manufacturer's specification at the agreement start date.

  8. Relocation of system, equipment or product in the event that You as the Client move property.

  9. Replacement of any item that is intended to be replaceable including (without limitation) fuses and batteries.

  10. Rust and/or corrosion damage to system

  11. System, equipment or product not properly installed by installers.

  12. System, equipment or product which has previously been repaired but not by our approved repairers.

  13. The system, equipment or product or any part thereof being recalled by your digital services/manufacture provider, the supplier or manufacturer of your system, equipment or product or any other supplier due to a generic manufacturer defect or any other reason.

  14. Use of your system, equipment or product in a non-domestic or commercial environment.

  15. Work required by You as the Client to take place outside the normal working hours of 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, excluding public, bank or national holidays.

  16. Your failure to follow the system, equipment or product operating instructions or manufacturer's guidelines

Non-repair or non-replacement of items

  1. If We decide not to approve a repair request which would otherwise fall within the terms of your plan, We will inform You as the Client.

  2. All fee payments You as the Client have made in the current period of your plan will be refunded and your plan will end immediately.

  3. No further amounts will be payable. If You as the Client wish to upgrade or modify your equipment (to current specifications) this can be arranged at an additional cost.

We will agree with You as the Client how much this will cost beforehand.


Cost of replacement parts

  1. When We, our Company or designated agents, discuss the replacement parts with You as the Client, We, our Company or designated agents, will tell You as the Client the exact cost.

  2. If parts of the system are taken or sent away from your home for repair and is then replaced, the original parts will become our property and We, our Company or designated agents, will dispose of it.

  3. If the part of your system remains in your home but is replaced, You as the Client will be responsible for disposing of it at your own cost.

  4. In some cases, You as the Client will be responsible for finding a qualified engineer to install the new parts of the system and paying any related costs.

Liability or loss etc

  1. We, our Company or designated agents, accept no responsibility for loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information or advice contained from this material and shall not be liable for any typographical or other errors or omissions within this written document/material.

  2. For systems that are out-of-guarantee at the time You as a Client take out a protection plan, protection will start 31 days after your application is processed

  3. There are no other obligations within this contract, implied or otherwise other than those stated under our terms

Complaint procedures

We, our Company or designated agents, have a full and comprehensive complaint procedure (details upon request) which would assist us in supporting You as the Client should there be any concerns or if You as the Client are unhappy with any of our products. This is because:

  • We, our Company or designated agents, believe that We offer value for money

  • We, our Company or designated agents, will only provide You as the Client with a product that You ask for

  • We, our Company or designated agents, will ensure quick and timely repairs where appropriate

  • We, our Company or designated agents, will ensure that there is a follow-up telephone call after any repair to ensure that You as the Client are fully satisfied with the service that We have provided



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